Current Students

Registration & Enrollment

Enrollment Information: Look here to see how you enroll in courses, when you enroll, registration blocks, how you obtain your advisor code, if you need one, and links to a tutorial in Tele-BEARS, our online enrollment system.

Course Information: Look here to find links to the Online Schedule of Classes, the General Catalog, final exams, policies about religious accommodation, and information about specific course requirements, such as American Cultures, American History & Institutions, Reading & Composition, etc.

Special Registration Programs: Links to information about cross registration, the Education Abroad Program, International Visitor's Program, and others.

Registration Fees: See the current registration fees.

Billing: Look for how you are billed and relevant deadlines.

Verification of Degree or Attendance: The UC Berkeley Official Verification of Attendance and Degrees is the University’s official verification document.  These are most commonly used for proof of registration, verification of degrees earned, confirmation of full-time or part-time registration status, loan deferment information, etc.

Cancellation / Withdrawal / Readmission: You can see what the difference is between cancellation and withdrawal, and learn about readmission after an absence.

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