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What is Classroom Central?

Classroom Central is a link between the users of general assignment classrooms and the administrative offices responsible for general assignment classrooms. A few of the responsible units are: Office of the Registrar's Classroom Scheduling Office, Physical Plant-Campus Services, and Educational Technology and Services. The Classroom Central staff notifies the appropriate office(s) to solve reported classroom problems or refers you to those who can help. 

In conjunction with Physical Plant-Campus Services, we assess the working order of classrooms (including chalkboards, window shades, projection screens, ventilation, etc.) during scheduled classroom inspections. We facilitate speedy remedies for urgent classroom deficiencies such as locked doors, missing chalk, or broken chalkboards. We respond to complaints about classrooms by referring problems to the appropriate campus agencies and making sure that solutions are executed in a timely manner. 

We hope you find your classrooms in good repair and that you won't need to contact us, but we stand by waiting to help.

General Assignment Classroom Central Hotline

Problems with general assignment classrooms can be reported directly to the Classroom Central hotline or 510.642.2800.  This is a one-stop telephone number where students, faculty, and staff may report issues related to media services (ETS), classroom matters (OR), and classroom repairs (PP&CS). Types of problems that are appropriate for the hotline are:

  • malfunctioning audio visual equipment, broken projection screen (Educational Technology Services)
  • missing chalk, missing chairs, missing lectern (Office of the Registrar)
  • locked doors, graffiti, broken chalkboard, broken window shades (Physical Plant & Campus Services)

General Assignment Classroom Technology

For information about what technology is available in a classroom, check the Educational Technology and Services website.

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