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Managing Enrollments for Faculty


Tele-BEARS is the online system students use to enroll in classes. It has several features designed to increase instructor control over student enrollment, however you must consult with your department scheduler in order to implement any of them for your course.

Managing Enrollments

Your department scheduler has access to the system used for managing enrollment. Occasionally, this responsibility is also given to student advisors.

  • Seat Reservations
    Tele-BEARS allows you to designate a certain number of seats in your course for specific types of students, e.g. students with junior status, new admits, declared majors in your department, etc.
  • Coursewide Restrictions and Level Restrictions
    These allow you to designate an overall restriction for all sections of a multiple-primary section course, as well as designate students at certain class levels to be enrolled in the course. For example, we restrict freshmen seminars to level 1 (freshmen) students only.
  • Class Entry Codes
    Tele-BEARS allows you to designate any or all seats as 'Instructor Approval'. A unique Class Entry Code (CEC) is assigned to each seat in the Instructor Approval category; you may then give a CEC to each student whom you wish to be enrolled in your class.
  • Manual Waiting Lists
    With a manual waiting list, you control who is enrolled, through your department scheduler. You are not restricted by the sequential order of the list. Automatic waiting lists can be converted to manual at any time.
  • Instructor Drop
    You can drop enrolled or waitlisted students for two reasons only.
    • those who have not attended class within the first three weeks, or
    • those who do not meet the prerequisites for the course.
    The deadline to process Instructor Drops is Friday of the third week of instruction; please work with your department scheduler to drop any students using this procedure.

If students are having problems enrolling in your course... 

  • Ask your department scheduler to see what restrictions or seat reservations have been placed on the course and see if these are preventing students from enrolling.
  • REMEMBER...You cannot directly enroll a student into your course unless the enrollments come from a manual waiting list.

About Waiting Lists

Unless otherwise requested, Tele-BEARS will create a waiting list when your course - or any particular seat reservation category - is full.

  • If you do not want your course to have a waiting list, inform your department scheduler.
  • Waiting lists are processed in one of two ways: manually or automatically. Check with your department scheduler to see which kind of waiting list your course has.
  • If you want Tele-BEARS to move students into your course automatically as space becomes available, do nothing. (This is the system default.) Automatic waiting lists are batch-processed weekly during Phases I and II, and nightly during the Adjustment Period.
  • If you want to control who is enrolled into your course from the waiting list, request that the list be manually processed. You can choose the students you wish to enroll and ask your department scheduler to enroll them from the waiting list as space becomes available.

An automatic waiting list can be changed to manual (and vice-versa) at any time.

  • During Phase I and Phase II of Tele-BEARS, automatic waiting lists are processed at the end of each week.
  • During the Adjustment Period of Tele-BEARS, automatic waiting lists are processed nightly.
  • Automatic waiting Lists are processed until the end of the third week of instruction.
  • Waiting lists can be processed manually until the end of the fifth week of instruction.

As long as a waiting list exists, all enrollments must come from the waiting list, with one exception: Class Entry Codes (CECs) override the waiting list. If you want to enroll students who have not placed themselves on the waiting list, and your list is being processed manually, ask the students to call Tele-BEARS to add themselves to the list from which you can draw. Alternatively, if you have reserved seats for Instructor Approval, students can use CECs to enroll directly, regardless of the type of waiting list you are using.

Please announce to students in your class that it is their responsibility to drop courses or take themselves off waiting lists for any courses they are no longer interested in taking to open spaces for other students. Undergraduate students must drop by the end of the second week of classes to avoid paying a $10 fee for each course dropped. (Graduate students have until the end of the third week of classes to drop without a fee.) All students may continue to add until the end of the third week without a fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure that only certain types of students are enrolled in my class?
You can reserve your entire class or designate a certain number of seats for students who have specific majors, who are at specific class levels, and/or who are only new, continuing, or readmitted students. For even more control, you can use Class Entry Codes for some or all of the seats in your course. Please consult with your department scheduler for assistance with setting up your course.

There are students on my class list or waiting list who have not been attending. Can I drop them?
Students who have not been attending during the first three weeks of instruction can be dropped from the class using the Instructor Drop feature. You can also use Instructor Drop to drop students who have not completed any prerequisites for your class. Please note, however, that only your department scheduler has direct online access to Instructor Drop; you must therefore notify your department scheduler of any students you wish to drop.

Is there a deadline by which I should drop students?
The deadline to drop students via Instructor Drop is 5:00 pm on Friday of the third week of instruction.

Can I limit the size of the waiting list?
Yes. The default limit of the waiting list is the half of the enrollment limit of the class. In many cases this can be too large. Your department scheduler can set the waiting list limit to a lower, more realistic figure.

Is there a way to stop students from enrolling in my class altogether?
Setting the full flag to L (for lock) will prevent students from enrolling in your class. This can be applied at any point in the Tele-BEARS process. Unlike the Y flag, the L will not be removed when the waiting lists are processed (weekly during Phase I & II and nightly during Adjustment Period). The L flag will not prevent you from manually processing wait lists.

This page was last updated on Thursday, August 18, 2011