Classroom Management - Academic Class Scheduling

Changing Your Classroom for an Academic Class

There are a number of reasons you might request a change of classroom. The obvious is that the classroom is too small for the size of your class. There are very strict fire marshall laws that restrict the number of students permitted in any given room. Another is that you have the wrong type of classroom for the needs of your class, e.g. a classroom with fixed seats when you need moveable chairs, or a seminar classroom when you need a standard classroom.

You must work with your departmental scheduler in order to secure a change of general assignment classroom for your academic class. Keep in mind that there are the following deadlines.

  • Departmental schedulers can request a change of classroom through Friday of the second week of instruction. Once the request is made, the Scheduling Office will respond to that request by Friday of the third week of instruction.

If you have need for accommodation of a disabled student in your classroom, please be sure to ask your departmental scheduler to get in touch with the Scheduling Office immediately.

We will try to accommodate your request, if at all possible.

This page was last updated on Tuesday, June 15, 2010