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Academic Progress & Records - General Information


Student Services Directory: A convenient listing of contact information for the Office of the Registrar and other important student services office on and around campus.

Dean's Office Directory: Check here to find the contact information for various dean's offices on campus.


Certificate of Completion: Undergraduate students who need to show proof that degree requirements are satisfied prior to the awarding of the degree can find out how to order them here.

Course Description Requests: Official copies of course descriptions from past catalogs are available. Check here for details.

Email Policy: All UCB students are required to have a email account.

Name Change Policy: Check here for the conditions relating to changes of name in University records of students that are in effect.

Preferred Name Policy: Information regarding the ability to set a preferred first name and where this name can be used.

Privacy of Student Records (FERPA): Which of your student records can you access? Which of your student records can others, including your parents, access? And which of your records are private, anyway?

Consumer Information - Federal Disclosures: Federal regulations require all institutions to provide specified information to prospective and current students, staff, and the general public.

About the Office of the Registrar: Look here to find out more about the Office of the Registrar and what we do.

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