Schedule of Classes and Final Exams

Class Schedules

UC Berkeley's student information systems are in transition. We have two class schedules available. The first, the Class Schedule, is embedded in the campus catalog, the Berkeley Academic Guide. It's a highly searchable, friendly site that displays course and class data from multiple sources. The second, the Schedule of Classes, is delivered as part of the new student information system, Campus Solutions.

Class Schedule in the Berkeley Academic Guide

Class Schedule in Campus Solutions

Archived Schedule of Classes
You can view archived versions in the Berkeley Academic Guide Archive.

Final Exam Schedules

Spring 2017 Final Exam Schedule

Final Examination Calendar Guidelines

Final examinations are based on the day and time a course is offered. Therefore, if the course schedule changes, then the exam group may also change. Please note: this calendar is only a guideline for faculty and students to get a sense of when their final exam may take place before classes are assigned rooms. The actual form of final evaluation for a course, as well as the date and time, must be included in the course syllabus at the beginning of the semester. Read Final Exam Responsibilities (middle of the page) for more informaiton on exam time conflicts, rules, deadlines, and more.

The official Schedule of Final Examinations is availlable the 11th week of instruction. The following table lists the examination time for each final exam group number.

Spring 2017 Final Examination Calendar

Exam Group Day Date Time For Class Start Times
1 Mon 5/8/17 8-11am MWF & MTWTF, 8 & 8:30am
2 Mon 5/8/17 11:30-2:30pm TuTh, 2 & 2:30pm
3  Mon 5/8/17 3-6pm Econ 1, 100B
4 Mon 5/8/17 7-10pm MWF & MTWTF, 9 & 9:30am
5 Tues 5/9/17 8-11am MWF & MTWTH, 1 & 1:30pm
6 Tues 5/9/17 11:30-2:30pm MWF & MTWTF, 2 & 2:30pm
7 Tues 5/9/17 3-6pm MWF & MTWTF, 10 & 10:30am
8 Tues 5/9/17 7-10pm MWF & MTWTF, 11 & 11:30am
9 Weds 5/10/17 8-11am Chem 1A,1B, 3A & 3B
10 Weds 5/10/17 11:30-2:30pm TuTh, 9 & 9:30am
11 Weds 5/10/17 3-6pm MWF & MTWTF, Noon & 12:30pm
12 Weds 5/10/17 7-10pm MWF & MTWTF, 3 & 3:30pm
13 Thurs 5/11/17 8-11am TuTh, 11 & 11:30am
14 Thurs 5/11/17 11:30-2:30pm Foreign Languages
15 Thurs 5/11/17 3-6pm TuTh, Noon, 12:30, 1 & 1:30pm
16 Thurs 5/11/17 7-10pm TuTh, 8, 8:30am & all Sat & Sun
17 Fri 5/12/17 8-11am MWF & MTWTF, 4 & 4:30pm
18 Fri 5/12/17 11:30-2:30pm TuTh, after 5pm
19 Fri 5/12/17 3-6pm TuTh, 10 & 10:30am; MWF, after 5pm
20 Fri 5/12/17 7-10pm TuTh, 3, 3:30, 4 & 4:30pm
Note: If a class is offered on M, W, F, MW, MF, or WF it will fall into the same start times as MWF. If a class is offered on Tu or Th, it will fall into the same start times as TuTh.