Registration and Enrollment

Academic Advising and Adviser Codes

What is an AC?

Some students need an Advisor Code in order to log onto Tele-BEARS the first time they log on for a semester. Please be advised that ACs change each semester; therefore, you must obtain a new AC for each semester you plan to register on the Berkeley campus.

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The Tele-BEARS Appointment screen on Bear Facts indicates whether an Adviser Code (AC) is required or not. If required, you must obtain your AC before you can use Tele-BEARS. The AC must be entered after you enter your CalNet ID and passphrase upon accessing Tele-BEARS for the first time for a semester; subsequent accesses for the semester require only your CalNet ID and passphrase. You obtain your AC as follows:

All Students (Except New Undergraduates)

You must meet with your major adviser to obtain your Adviser Code. You should see your adviser well in advance of your Phase I appointment time; check with your department office for information about scheduled advising times. (NOTE: Undeclared major students in the College of Letters and Science with 75 or more completed units (inluding units in progress) are automatically assigned an AC, which must be obtained from their intended major department.)

New Undergraduates in the Colleges of Engineering and Letters & Science

You receive your Adviser Code directly from the Office of New Student Services. You are strongly encouraged to attend a CalSO orientation session, during which you will receive your Phase I appointment and AC. If you are unable to attend a CalSO session, please notify them via their website; your Tele-BEARS appointment and AC will be made available via the website at a later date. (You will be notified by e-mail when they are available.) For more information, see the Office of New Student Services website or contact them at 510-642-4970 or

All Other New Undergraduates

You will be contacted by the dean's office of your college or school regarding disclosure of your AC and approval of your proposed class schedule.

Undergraduate College/School Phone Numbers

Undergraduates with questions regarding enrollment in classes should contact the dean's office of their college or school at the phone numbers below:

    • Haas School of Business: 510-642-1421
    • College of Chemistry: 510-642-3452
    • College of Engineering: 510-642-7594
    • College of Environmental Design: 510-642-0832
    • College of Letters and Science: 510-642-1483
    • College of Natural Resources: 510-642-0542
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