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Student Systems: This is the main landing page for the student systems, giving you a brief description of the function of each system, and links to pages for more detailed information that includes who uses the system, how to gain access, tutorials, if available, and contact information.

Tele-BEARS: This is the tutorial that students see, since staff do not have access to Tele-BEARS.

BearFacts: This is the link to information about the BearFacts system, which is used to pull reports on students within your major, contact information, grade cards, class lists, waiting lists, eGrades, among others.

DB2/Scheduling: This is your link to information about the DB2/Scheduling system for scheduling classes.

DB2/OLADS: This is your link to information about the DB2, student database, and OLADS System (online add/drop system), and how to manage enrollments for classes you manage..

DARS: This will provide you with information about how you, as a major advisor, can use DARS to update students' records or post course waivers or substitutions.

eGrading: This is the information that links you to a tutorial for eGrades, for faculty, since staff are often called upon to help faculty with technical issues.

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