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Bear Facts for Staff

Bear Facts is a reporting system that provides you with class lists, waiting lists, as well as information about your major students. It is also the system faculty use to submit grades (eGrades) for the students in their courses. Bear Facts is not a live system, but is updated once a day, at midnight, so information is current as of the previous day.

This page is under construction and we will continue to add to it.

There are a variety of reports that you can pull after you log into BearFacts. If you do not have access, please see the BearFacts system page. If you have already gotten access, you can log in, using your CalNet ID# to

  • Viewing Class Lists and Waiting Lists
  • Viewing Grades for the Previous Term, by course
  • Pulling Information about your Majors
    • various addresses
    • by registration status (registered, filing fee, withdrawn)
    • advisor codes for Tele-BEARS
    • degrees awarded for previous term or expected for current or future term
    • lists of courses in which each of your students is enrolled for the current term
    • lists by GPAs
    • academic records (unofficial transcripts)
  • Pulling information about a single student, that includes
    • current course schedule
    • address

See the following written for Faculty


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