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General Information

UC Berkeley’s Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) compares or audits undergraduate student records—including transfer credit and selected test scores—against the specific requirements for their degree programs. DARSweb is the interface through which students and staff access DARS. A new audit, using the most current information available, is generated each time you request one, so you can review progress toward graduation at any given time. Both advisors and students have access to the same Degree Audit Report, which ensures you’re both in sync. Accuracy of Degree Audit Reports is the joint responsibility of the Office of the Registrar and the major/college personnel in charge of ensuring students fulfill major and college degree requirements. Keeping the DARS support staff informed of any changes to degree requirements and the courses that may fulfill them is essential for accurate degree audits. The best way to do so is to open a case on the DARS Support Center, an online help desk for staff DARSweb users.

Updates for staff who use DARS are made here.

Who uses this system and when?

Undergraduate students and their major and college advisors are the primary DARSweb users. UMAs and college advisors are granted privileges to update their student’s degree audit reports by exception. Staff in central administrative offices such as the Office of the Registrar, Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid, Athletic Study Center, and Transfer Re-entry & Student Parent Center may also be granted access to DARSweb.


FERPA training and authorized access to Bear Facts (see above) are prerequisites for DARSweb access. To apply for access, click here and:

  • Log in with your CalNet ID and Passphrase
  • Select “DARSweb Access”
  • Click the “Go” button
  • Complete and submit the online form

Your supervisor will receive an email requesting that s/he approve your application. To avoid delays, give your supervisor advance notice so s/he expects the email. You will receive an email when your account has been established, which usually takes 2-3 business days after your supervisor approves the request. You will also be granted access to the DARS Support Center, an online help desk for staff DARSweb users.

Should you have questions about your access or the application process, please contact Dorothy Jones at or 510.642.5242.

Please Note: Student access to DARSweb is limited to those who are: 1) regularly admitted, degree-seeking undergraduate students; and 2) registered for the current semester; or—during the summer and winter breaks—registered for the last semester AND eligible to register for the next semester.


Initial training and follow-up sessions are available by appointment. Please open a case on the DARS Support Center, or contact Patti Ahuna at or 510.643.1138.

Instructional Manual

PDF available upon request

Contact Information

Raul Infante

Patti Ahuna

Sr. DARS Analyst


DARS Analyst




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