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General Information

DB2 is the primary student database system used by staff in academic and administrative departments. You use DB2 to access such data as students’ class schedules and academic transcripts, as well as class enrollment and waiting list information. Your level of access is determined primarily by your job function and must be approved by your supervisor and department head.

Who uses the system and when?

Use the following chart to determine which level of access would work best for the needs of your job. Find the access package (listed across the top) that most closely encompasses the functions you need (listed in the first column). If you are unsure whether any of the listed functions are needed for your job, consult your supervisor. In addition, there are recommended packages listed below the chart for the most typical users.


You must complete a CICS User ID Name Request form and a Request for Student Database (DB2) Access form. You can download these forms below; be sure to download the appropriate DB2 Access form for your department.  When completed, the forms can be sent or emailed to Ricky To, Office of the Registrar, 119 Sproul Hall, MC 5404.

CICS User ID Name Request form (PDF)

AND one of the following three

Request for DB2 Access—Academic Departments
Request for DB2 Access—Colleges & Schools
Request for DB2 Access—Administrative Offices

You are required to have completed FERPA training before you are granted access to the DB2 Student Database. The FERPA course is online, and can be accessed via the UC Learning Center. Log in with your CalNet ID and passphrase, and look for the course entitled Privacy of Student Records: Are you Revealing Too Much?, the mandatory training to learn about compliance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Software Needed

Macintosh users should have tn3270 X. You can download the latest version from Brown University at PC users should have Host Explorer by Hummingbird. You can download the latest version from Berkeley's IST Software Central page.

With either the Mac or the PC version, enter "" as the host name, if prompted. With tn3270 (Mac), be sure to enable SSL (via the "Special" icon) upon initial launch of the program. For further instructions on connecting, please visit the Mainframe FAQ.


Training on DB2 and Department Scheduling is done on an individual, one-on-one basis.  Contact Ricky To at 510.643.4294 or (for DB2) or Susan Tonus at 510.642.0313 or (for scheduling) to schedule an appointment.

Instruction Manual


  • Contact Ricky To at 510.643.4294 or for technical assistance.


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