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General Information

DB2 is the live student database housed on the campus's IBM mainframe computer and is the primary student system. Department Schedulers use DB2: Class and Room to enter data regarding course offerings, instructor names, technology requests, and to update CSIR data for campus reporting. Schedulers may also use the DB2: Tele-BEARS/OLADS menu to perform instructor drops, manage wait lists, access class and wait lists, and set enrollment reservations for courses (the latter is also navigable through Class and Room).

Who uses the system and when?

Each academic unit that offers courses is required to designate a scheduler, as well as a backup scheduler, and scheduling access is granted to only those individuals.


Staff coordinating the scheduling and room assignments for academic courses should have access.

Access can be granted once the employee is officially hired, has an Employee ID number (EID) and an email address. Access is usually gained within days, and the process is completed within one week, including the training. All departmental schedulers have the same level of access, as there is only one level of access to Class and Room. If a staff member has additional responsibilities, they may have additional access groups in DB2.

Gaining access is a four step process. For those who already have DB2 access, simply follow steps 2 and 3.

  1. Complete the CICS User ID Name Request form.
  2. Complete one of the following DB2 access forms and obtain appropriate signatures:
  3. Fax both forms to Classroom Scheduling at 510.642.0238. Their Application Security Officer will complete the CICS User ID Name Request form and forward it to IS&T for processing. When access comes through, they will contact you for training.
  5. You are required to have completed FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) online training before you are granted access to the DB2 Student Database.  This eCourse, entitled "Privacy of Student Records: Are You Revealing Too Much? (FERPA)", is available via the UC Learning Center. You will need to authenticate with your CalNet ID and passphrase. Once on the main UCB Learning Center page, search for "FERPA" to locate the course.

Software Needed

Macintosh users should have tn3270 X. You can download the latest version from Brown University.

PC users should have HostExplorer. You can download the latest version from IST Software Central.

With either the Mac or the PC version, enter "" as the host name, if prompted. With tn3270 X (Mac), be sure to enable SSL (via the "Special" icon) upon initial launch of the program.


Hands-on individual training sessions are provided by Classroom Scheduling. Training is required for all primary Departmental Schedulers and Backup Schedulers once a DB2 logon is issued.

Instruction Manual



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