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This page was designed to help you to navigate your way through needed staff resources with regard to Student Information Systems. We have tried to provide you with some guidance as to who needs which system and where you go for general information about the system, how to gain access, training, instruction manuals, contact information. Follow the links to more detailed information about each system.

DB2 - OLADS / Tele-BEARS - The Student Database (DB2)* is the primary student system. You use DB2 to access such student data as their class schedules, registration status, major and academic transcripts. You can also see class lists, waiting lists, manage enrollments in classes, as well as drop students from classes. More information can be found here.

DB2 Classroom Scheduling - Classroom Scheduling (on DB2) - Provides access to add/delete/cancel courses, assign days/times, request general assignment classrooms, add instructor names, conduct room switching sessions, and update CSIR data (see CSIR below). More information can be found here.

Bear Facts - Bear Facts* is a web-based system; its data is taken from a download from DB2 nightly. With Bear Facts you can run many useful reports, such as a listing of students in your department, class lists, waiting lists, course grades, unofficial transcripts and more. More information on Bear Facts can be found here.

eGrades - Housed within Bear Facts, eGrades is UC Berkeley's Web-based system for assigning and submitting course grades. More information can be found here.

DARSweb - The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARSweb) is an advising tool that allows you to generate reports reflecting a student's academic progress toward degree completion. More information can be found here.

GradAPP - Grad App is an Oracle database that includes data on GRE and TOEFL test scores, all online applications, Form A data for paper applications, admit or deny status, and registration status. More information can be found here.

GLOW - Gradlink on the Web (GLOW) is Graduate Division's information resource on the web. Staff who work with graduate students and with the Graduate Division can view information about graduate students such as fellowship support and progress towards degree completion. More information can be found here.

CARS - The Campus Accounts Receivables System (CARS) is housed on the campus's IBM mainframe computer and is the primary system for billing campus receivables. You use CARS to access the student's financial account, which may include such data as student registration fees, housing and dining charges, residence hall telephone/internet charges, emergency loans, library book replacement invoices, health service charges, recreational sports fee, parking fees, and many more academically-related charges, as well as financial award information. Your level of access is determined primarily by your job function and must be approved by your supervisor and department head. More information on CARS can be found here.

CSIR - The Class Schedule and Instructional Record (CSIR) is the system of record for all data concerning teaching activity and space utilization. Such data influence resource allocation decisions at all levels. More information can be found here.

DSAS - DSAS allows departments to pay award to students online. This system replaces the paper Form 26 and can process payments such as Stipends, Fee Awards or Training Grants.

The Student Award System will interface automatically with the Financial Aid Office system (SAMS) and CARS. Awards made to Graduate students will interface with the Graduate Division System (GradLink). Payments made through this system can be accessed on BearFacts and on BAIRS reports.
More information can be found here.

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