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Using Tele-BEARS

Logging On

Go to the Tele-BEARS webpage at Be ready to enter your CalNet ID and passphrase on the logon page. If required, enter your Adviser Code (AC) when prompted.

Graduating Seniors

If you are a senior with 110 or more completed units, Tele-BEARS will ask if you expect to graduate at the end of the semester for which you are enrolling. Entering 'yes' will officially place you onto the degree list. You must be on the degree list for the semester in order to graduate. You will be asked to enter this information only during the first time you access Tele-BEARS for a semester. If necessary, you can change your response later via the appropriate menu option.

The Main Tele-BEARS Page

Your current class schedule, including waitlisted and cancelled classes, is displayed automatically on the main Tele-BEARS page after you log on. The menu bar at the left of the screen displays the following functions:


Class Calendar

For a graphical display of your class schedule.

Degree List

If you expect to graduate at the end of the semester for which you are enrolling and you did not already indicate degree candidacy during your first session on Tele-BEARS, you can place yourself onto the degree list by using this function. Conversely, if you placed your name onto the degree list and later determine that you will not graduate, you can use this function to remove your name from the degree list.

Cancel Registration

If you do not wish to attend the University for the semester, you can cancel your registration by using this function. Any classes in which you have enrolled will be dropped from your schedule, and you will not be eligible to attend for that semester or any future semester until you are readmitted.

You will be eligible to receive a full refund of any registration fees paid, less a $10 processing fee, which is charged to all students except for new undergraduates. Please also note that, for new undergraduates, the $100 Statement of Intention to Register fee is nonrefundable. If you later change your mind and decide to attend for the semester, notify the Cal Student Central, 120 Sproul Hall, 510-664-9181 or use our web form to open a case.

NOTE: You can cancel your registration until, but not including, the first day of instruction. As of the first day of instruction, you must request a withdrawal, and you may be liable for a portion of registration fees. See the cancellation and withdrawal page for more information.


Notice to New Undergraduates - If you are a new undergraduate student and wish to return to Berkeley in a future semester, it may be beneficial for you to wait until the beginning of instruction and withdraw instead of cancel. If you cancel your registration, you will be required to submit a new admission application to attend a future semester; if you withdraw, you need only to apply for readmission, which is a much simpler procedure. Note that you need to be officially registered (enrolled in at least one class, registration fees paid, and no blocks) to withdraw. Check the registration fee adjustment tables to determine the amount of fees for which you may still be liable. For more information on the withdrawal and readmission process, contact your college or school dean's office.


Notice to International Students - If you are an international student in F or J immigrant status, it is essential that you consult with Berkeley International Office, 2299 Piedmont Avenue, to ascertain whether or not cancelling your registration will jeopardize your immigration status and your permission to be in the United States.

More information on cancellation and withdrawal.


Add Class

To add a class to your schedule. On the subsequent screen,

    • Enter the five-digit Course Control Number (CCN) of the primary section.
    • Select whether you are taking the class on a letter-graded basis or a passed/not passed (undergraduates) or satisfactory/unsatisfactory (graduate students) basis.
    • For variable-unit classes, enter the number of units for which you wish to receive credit.
    • If you have been given a Class Entry Code (CEC), enter it in the space provided. If you do not have a CEC, leave this field blank.

If the class requires enrollment in a discussion or lab section, you will be presented with a list of discussion/lab sections from which you must select one. You must confirm the transaction before the course can be added to your schedule.

If the particular section of a course you are attempting to add is full, Tele-BEARS will automatically search for another section that meets at the same time, and, if there is space available, offer it to you in place of the full section.

Drop Class

To drop an enrolled or waitlisted class from your schedule. Tele-BEARS will display a table of your current class schedule on which you can select which class you wish to drop. You must confirm the transaction before the class can be dropped from your schedule.

Change Grade Option

To change the grading option (from letter-graded to P-NP/S-U or vice-versa) in an enrolled or waitlisted class. Tele-BEARS will display a table of your current class schedule on which you can select the class for which you want to change the grading option. You must confirm the transaction before the grading option can be changed.

Change Units

To change the number of units in a variable-unit course (e.g., courses numbered 199, 299).

Switch Sections

To switch a lab or discussion section while remaining in the primary (lecture) section of the class. Tele-BEARS will display a table of your current class schedule on which you can select the class for which you want to switch the lab or discussion section. A table of available lab or discussions will be presented, from which you can select your new choice. You must confirm the transaction before the section(s) can be switched.

Search Sections

Use this feature to search for open sections of courses for which there are several lecture sections to choose from (such as English 1B) or courses for which there are several discussion and/or laboratory sections to choose from (such as Chemistry 1A).

Tele-BEARS will prompt you to enter a Course Control Number (CCN) to be used as a starting point to conduct its search. Tele-BEARS searches from that point down the list of sections (as listed in the Online Schedule of Classes, including any new sections that may have been added). Remember that the search process is a forward search; any sections listed before the CCN you enter are ignored.

Add to Wait List

If you are unable to enroll in a course because it is full, you have the option of placing yourself on the course's waiting list. Note, however, that although waitlisted students usually receive first priority for enrollment, there is no guarantee that you will be enrolled in the course. Your chances of being enrolled from a waiting list depend on a number of factors, such as whether the list is "automatic" or "manual" (see below), your position on the list, the size of the course, and whether enough space becomes available (through drops or an increase in seats).

To be placed onto a course's waiting list, select ADD TO WAIT LIST from the menu bar. Enter the Course Control Number and grading option when prompted. Provided you meet the course's restrictions (if any), Tele-BEARS will then inform you of your position on the waiting list--for example, "You will be number 5 on the waiting list"--before you confirm or cancel the transaction.

Units for waitlisted courses are counted as part of your unit total. Note, however, that you need to be actually enrolled (i.e., not on the waiting list) in at least one course to be considered officially "registered" (in addition to having paid at least 20% of your registration fees and having no registration blocks).

How Students are Enrolled from Waiting Lists

A waiting list can be processed either automatically or manually. When you place yourself onto a waiting list or when you check your status on a waiting list, Tele-BEARS informs you as to which type of list it is. Note, however, that a department can change a waiting list from automatic to manual (or vice versa) at any time.

Automatic waiting lists are processed each weekend during Phases I and II and nightly from the start of the Adjustment Period through the end of the 3rd week of instruction. Students on automatic waiting lists are enrolled sequentially, provided there is space available.

Manual waiting lists

are processed directly online by the instructor or department. Students are selectively chosen for enrollment, with enrollment criteria determined by the instructor or department. Note that the instructor or deparments may not necessarily adhere to the sequential order of students on the waiting list. Departments may enroll students from a manual waiting list beginning the first day of Phase I through the end of the 5th week of instruction. The $5 add fee is not charged to students added from a manual waiting list.


If you no longer wish to take a waitlisted course, you are responsible for dropping yourself from the waiting list, preferably by the end of the second week of instruction. To drop yourself from a waitlisted class, simply select DROP CLASS from the menu bar. If you have already been enrolled from a waiting list, you are responsible for dropping the course in accordance with the Add/Drop/Grading Option Change Deadlines.

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