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Tele-BEARS Frequently Asked Questions

When can I access Tele-BEARS?
You can only access Tele-BEARS during your scheduled appointment period and, after your appointment has expired, during Open Hours:


7:00 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. to Midnight


Noon to Midnight

If you try to use it before your appointment period has started for either Phase I or Phase II, even during Open Hours, you will be disconnected. Note that Phase I appointment times for new undergraduates are determined by the Office of New Student Services, in coordination with CalSO orientation sessions.

I missed Phase I altogether. Can I still enroll during Phase II?
Yes, but be aware that many popular courses will probably have been filled by that point.

I missed Phase I and Phase II. Can I still enroll?
You can still use Tele-BEARS during the Adjustment Period, which starts one week before instruction begins. Please review the Adjustment Period schedule for available hours. Note that if you're a continuing student, you'll be charged a $150 Late Enrollment Fee beginning the 4th week of instruction if you aren't enrolled in any classes by Friday of the 3rd week of instruction.

I was readmitted late and my Tele-BEARS appointment has already passed. When's the next time I can I use Tele-BEARS?
If your appointment period has passed, the earliest time you can access Tele-BEARS is during Open Hours, which are 7:00 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. to Midnight, Monday through Friday, and Noon to Midnight, Saturday and Sunday.

What's an Adviser Code (AC)?
If your department or college/school requires you to see an adviser before you enroll, you will need an Adviser Code (AC), which you obtain directly from your adviser or college/school office after approval of your proposed class schedule. You will not be able to use Tele-BEARS until you enter the AC, which "unlocks" the system. You enter the AC only when you use Tele-BEARS for the first time each semester; thereafter, only your CalNet ID and passphrase are required. The AC changes each term, so you cannot use the AC you received from the previous semester. You do not need an AC to use Info-BEARS.

What happens if I lose or forget my CalNet Passphrase or AC?
For help with your CalNet ID or to reset your passphrase, contact the Cal 1 Card office at 130 Cesar Chavez, lower Sproul Plaza, (510) 643-6839 or email You should try to go to their office in person, if possible. For ACs, contact the department or college/school office where you obtained your original AC.

What does Tele-BEARS mean when it says I can't enroll because I don't meet a course's restrictions or departmental criteria or that my "enrollment category" is full?
Departments can specify that some or all of the seats in each of their courses be reserved for certain categories of students, such as those with certain majors or who are at certain levels. The messages you heard refer to the restrictions placed by the department on the whole class or on the particular seat reservation categories. To find out exactly what restrictions have been placed on the course, contact the department or use Info-BEARS.

Where can I check if a class still has openings?
Use the Online Schedule of Classes.

I'm a new undergraduate and I can't use Tele-BEARS because I don't have my Adviser Code. Can you give it to me?
No. You obtain your Adviser Code by attending a CalSO orientation program. Contact the New Student Services at 510-642-4970 for more information.

My class level is wrong. Who can correct it?
Go to the Office of the Registar at 120 Sproul Hall. They will first check the system to make sure all of your units have been posted. If not, you may have to go to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in 110 Sproul for verification of transferred units.

A course I want to add is full. What can I do now?
Get on the waiting list right away! In most cases, that's the only way you'll be able to add the course. Waitlisted students receive priority for enrollment whenever space becomes available.

I'm number 3 on the waiting list for Chem 1A, but my friend, who was number 27, already got into the course. What gives?
Your waiting list position number is an overall number, i.e., for the lecture part of the course, not for individual discussion or lab sections. Most likely, your friend signed up for a discussion or lab section which had fewer students on the waiting list than the one you signed up for. Remember that in such courses, there must be space available in the lecture and the discussion and/or lab section before you are enrolled from the waiting list. If your friend is in a different category than you (e.g., he is a junior and you are a freshman), it is also possible that some seats became available in the "junior" category while no seats were available in the "freshman" category (if the course was set up in this manner). Remember also that if the waiting list is manual, the instructor or department can enroll students selectively, using their own criteria, without regard to the sequence of students on the list.

I'm already registered but I'm unable to attend classes this semester. What do I do?
If it's before the first day of instruction, you should cancel your registration. You can cancel your registration by using Tele-BEARS or by notifying the Office of the Registrar in writing. If instruction has already begun, you need to withdraw. To withdraw, go to the dean's office of your college or school (undergraduates) or to your major department (graduate students).

Is there a limit to how many waiting lists I can get on?
In effect, yes. Units for waitlisted classes are counted as part of your unit total, i.e., the combination of units in enrolled classes and units for waitlisted classes cannot exceed 10.5 (12.5 for graduate students) during Phase I. During Phase II and the Adjustment Period, your combined units cannot exceed your college/school maximum.

I want to switch discussion sections, but the one I want is full. Can I be on the waiting list for that discussion section while remaining enrolled in the lecture and my current discussion section?
No. You must either be enrolled in both the lecture and discussion section or on the waiting list for both the lecture and discussion section. If you're unable to switch discussion sections, you should wait until the beginning of instruction and consult with the instructor or teaching assistant. Otherwise, you would have to drop the entire course and then place yourself on the waiting list for both the lecture and new discussion section.

Is there a time when waiting lists aren't processed any more?
Automatic waiting lists will be processed for the last time at the end of the 3rd week of instruction. Manual waiting lists can be processed up to 2 weeks later.

What are Class Entry Codes?
Class Entry Codes (CECs) are unique 5-digit codes that correspond to specially-designated seats in a course. A course can have some or all of its seats designated for CECs. (Courses with all seats designated for CECs are "Instructor Approval" courses and are indicated by a dot before the course number in the Schedule of Classes.) To obtain a CEC, you usually need to be screened by the instructor or department beforehand. If approved, you will be given a CEC by the instructor or department. When you add a course--any course--on Tele-BEARS, a space is provided to enter a CEC. If you have one, use it. If you don't have one, leave the field blank. Note that each CEC is unique--it can be used only once. A friend can't use your CEC (unless you haven't used it yet, in which case you may be out of luck!).

Tele-BEARS says that there's a time conflict in my schedule, but I thought I didn't have any.
Many classes change their meeting times, which can create conflicts in a previously conflict-free schedule. To determine the exact nature of the conflict, review your class schedule on Bear Facts or Info-BEARS.

I was cut off in the middle of a Tele-BEARS session. What happened?
Chances are that either your 10-minute limit has expired, or, more rarely, the system went down. All transactions you confirmed will have been processed, but the transaction which you were making at the instant of the cut-off was not processed.

Tele-BEARS is no longer available and I still need to adjust my schedule. What can I do?
If you're an undergraduate, you'll need to go to your college or school dean's office and request approval; approvals will be made on an exception basis only. If approved, they will process your request via the Online Add/Drop System (OLADS). See the forms page to download a copy) to your major adviser for processing via OLADS.

This page was last updated on Tuesday, October 23, 2012