The rooms listed as part of this calendar are intended for passive participation in classes providing asynchronous and/or synchronous instruction.

Seating is provided on a first-come, first service basis. Please do not enter the classroom if no seating is available. 

Details about each classroom are available through 25Live.

The following rules apply to use of General Assignment Classrooms:

  • No food/drink
  • Do not enter the room if seating is full or occupant load has been met
  • Do not sit on the floor, stairs, or walkways
  • Use of the room’s AV and chalkboard/whiteboards is prohibited
  • Passive participation only (headphones or earbuds required)
  • No Speaking (nonverbal chats and point-and-click surveys are permitted)
  • Students must bring equipment with sufficient charge — do not expect power stations
  • Reset the room according to the posted furniture diagram
  • Remove all personal items and trash when you depart

Students are also expected to follow any face covering or social distancing requirements set forth by the campus. For up-to-date requirements, refer to UC Berkeley’s Coronavirus website.

Go here for the latest information on campus wi-fi access.

Locations availability begins August 25th. Check availability prior to each day’s use as room reservations change throughout the semester.