Transcripts & Diplomas

Law students should contact the Boalt Law School Registrar about requesting transcripts.

How Do I...?

Order a Transcript

Current Students
Current students may order transcripts online through our student portal, CalCentral, or they may order paper copies on-the-spot at Cal Student Central in 120 Sproul Hall.

New! Berkeley can now send fully electronic transcripts (EDI) to receiving institutions. Sending transcripts electronically is the fastest and most secure way to go!

Alumni and Summer Visitors
Alumni and summer sessions visitors may order transcripts using TranscriptsPlus.

Order a Transcript if I am a Applying to a Professional School e.g., Law, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, etc.

Current Students
Current students may send a transcript to an application processing service such as AMCAS, LSDAS, PHARMCAS, or other, order through CalCentral.

Alumni and Summer Visitors
Alumni and summer sessions visitors may order transcripts using TranscriptsPlus.

Note: The UC Berkeley transcript order forms (for both current students and alumni) include a field to add the unique identifier for your application. Therefore, you do not need to include additional forms to be "attached" with your order.

Request a Transcript as a Visiting Student

If you attended during the fall or spring terms, a transcript will be forwarded to your home campus approximately five to six weeks after the term has ended. Your course work and grades will be included in your home-campus record.

If a change occurs after the work is transferred, a replacement transcript will be sent to the home campus. 

Order a Berkeley Law School Transcript

Berkeley Law students and alumni may order transcripts directly from the Law School Registrar.  

Order a UC Berkeley Extension Transcript

UC Berkeley Extension students and alumni may order transcripts from UC Extension directly.

Graduate if I Owe Money to the University

Students owing more than $200.00 will be prohibited from graduating and rolled onto the next term's degree list.


Make Sure My Name is Correct on My Diploma

The name on your diploma will appear as it was recorded from your application for admission to UC Berkeley. You may change your name of record by providing documentation of a legal name change.

Note: While at UC Berkeley you may choose to use a preferred name. While the preferred name will appear on certain records such as your Cal 1 Card, course rosters, and Residence Hall records, the preferred name will not appear on your diploma. For more information, see "Your Name on Records & Rosters."

Change My Name on My Diploma

If an error appears in your name, or you would like to change your name on your diploma if you haven't yet graduated, submit a Petition for Change of Name Form to Cal Student Central in 120 Sproul Hall before the last day of the semester in which you intend to graduate. 

Check My Diploma Mailing Address

Diplomas are mailed four months after graduation to the diploma mailing address in Cal Central.

Check and update this address prior to graduation.

If you no longer have access to campus systems, fill out the Diploma Mailing Request Form.

Request a Replacement Diploma

You may request a replacement diploma by submitting the Application for Replacement of Diploma Form. Replacement diplomas are available 45-60 days after the request is processed.

Obtain a Replacement Diploma With a New Name

Complete two forms, the Petition for Change of Name After Awarding of Degree Form and the Application for Replacement of Diploma Form. If you are replacing a diploma because of a change of name, return the original diploma to the University as part of the Replacement Application process.

Get a Transcript or Diploma Notarized

UC Berkeley can notarize your official transcripts, verification documents, or diplomas. For diplomas, you must provide a photocopy to notarize. The processing fee is $15 per document for this service. We make arrangements to have documents notarized twice a month during the first and third week of each month. Please complete the Request for Verification of Attendance and Degrees Form and mail it to the address listed at the bottom of the form along with your payment.

Prove I Graduated Before Degrees Are Posted

If you need proof of graduation before we have posted the final degrees, submit a Request for Certificate of Completion Form to Cal Student Central in 120 Sproul Hall. There is a limit of ten certificates per student per degree.

Request a Transcript for a Family Member or for Genealogy Research

If family members are living, they must order the transcript for themselves using TranscriptsPlus.

If the family member is deceased, you may order the transcript by including a death certificate or obituary along with the order. Please write a letter and include the following:

  • Name 
  • Birth date,
  • Dates of attendance 
  • Field of study (if known)

Please mail the letter to Transcripts, Office of the Registrar, 128 Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA  94720-5404. The transcripts will be sent via first-class mail and typically take seven to ten days to arrive. There is no fee for this service.

Know When My Degree Posted to the Official Transcript

Degrees are posted on the official transcript approximately three months after the end of the term.

Receive My Diploma in the Mail

Diplomas are mailed four months after the end of the term.

Order a Dean's Certification Form

Also known as dean’s certification or letter of recommendation, these letters are commonly required of Law and Professional School applicants. The University’s Letter of Good Standing certifies your enrollment and/or successful completion of your degree, your academic standing, and indicates whether or not you were or are the subject of any student conduct cases at UC Berkeley.

Complete the Request of Letter of Good Standing/Dean's Appraisal form and submit it to Cal Student Central, 120 Sproul Hall, or mail it to the Office of the Registrar. There is no fee for the University’s standard Letter of Good Standing. However, if you wish the University to complete and certify a third-party form in lieu of the standard letter, there is a fee of $10 per form.

Please submit the request form at least two weeks ahead of your deadline.