More in-depth How to do Semester Grading
One-pager about Importing from a Spreadsheet
More in-depth How to do Semester Grading (Law School)

Walk-through Videos

Here are some quick videos showing the process of getting your grades into the new system. You can enter and manage grades directly via what’s called the Grade Roster page, or you can choose to do some of the management in spreadsheets.

Getting to the Grade Roster page (01:00)
Features of the Grade Roster page (02:28)
To use a Spreadsheet, or Not (02:47)
Entering Without a Spreadsheet (03:27)
Entering With a Spreadsheet (06:11)
Save versus Save and Approve (01:07)

Archive of FAQs and Answers

List of questions and answers. We will keep updating as new questions come in.