If you were a registered student at UC Berkeley at some prior point and would like to return, you need to be readmitted.

Students who need to apply for readmission include:

  • undergraduate students who formally withdrew from the University and were absent for one or more semesters
  • graduate students who were registered in any graduate program and left the University due to withdrawal or at the completion of a graduate degree program

Readmission is not guaranteed, and the decision ultimately rests with your college or school. Each college and school has different expectations, deadlines, and requirements. Please consult your college or school for detailed information.

Note: The process of readmission may take up to four weeks after you submit all required documentation.

How Do I...?

Apply for Readmission

In order for the Office of the Registrar to process your Application for Readmission: Undergraduates or Application for Readmission: Graduate Students, you must:

  1. Clear all registration holds (formerly known as blocks.)
  2. Submit official transcripts of all course work taken at another institution — including UC Berkeley Extension — during your absence to: Office of the Registrar. (You can mail this as a complete packet with the other materials, or send them separately.)
  3. Complete the Application for Readmission: Undergraduates or Application for Readmission: Graduate Students (incomplete applications cannot be processed)
  4. Complete the Statement of Legal Residence for Readmitted Students and attach a copy to your application
  5. Attach  check or money order for the nonrefundable, nontransferable Readmission Fee: $70 for undergraduates and $80 for graduate students. Make your check or money order payable to UC Regents. DO NOT SUBMIT CASH.

Submit your Application for Readmission, SLR for Readmitted Students form, official transcript(s), and $70 check or money order in person to Cal Student Central, 120 Sproul Hall, or mail it to: Office of the Registrar Readmissions, 128 Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720-5404.

Alternatively, you may submit your Application for Readmission, SLR, and $70 check or money order payable to UC Regents directly to your college or school if directed above under College/School-Specific Deadlines and Requirements.

Please indicate your current major program — or undeclared status — on your Application for Readmission. If you wish to change or declare your major program:

The process of readmission may take up to four weeks after you submit all required documentation.

Know When to Apply for Readmission

For undergraduates, the deadlines for readmission application are:

  • June 1 for the fall semester
  • November 1 for the spring semester

Graduate students should consult the Student Calendar for registration information and deadlines. 

Apply for Readmission After a Medical Withdrawal

Students returning after a Medical Withdrawal should consult University Health Services, which will process approval of a Health Clearance for Readmission Application form. This process may take up to thirty days and is required to be completed before the Office of the Registrar can act upon an Application for Readmission.