Grading policy is governed by the Berkeley Academic Senate and each school or college. Grades are posted to the official transcript the day after instructor approval. Students can view their grades in CalCentral.

Go here for detailed information on grading policies and regulations. Please note that the grades P, S, NP, U, I, and IP carry no grade points and the units in courses so graded are excluded in determination of the grade-point average.


Grading Topics

Checking Grades

Students’ grades are displayed in CalCentral once an instructor posts them, and they may take up to one day to appear after posting. The grades that will post in CalCentral include deficient mid-term grades, assuming they are reported by the instructor, and final grades after the term ends. 

Appealing Grades

If you believe your instructor submitted an incorrect grade because of a clerical (for example, computational) or procedural error, please speak directly with your instructor.

If you believe that your instructor has used nonacademic criteria (for example, race, religion, gender, or politics) in assigning your grade, you can appeal the grade. Begin the process by speaking with your instructor and/or the Students Ombudsperson.

Your next step is to try to resolve the issue by speaking with the department chair. If you cannot resolve your dispute informally, there is a formal procedure you can follow that is outlined in the Berkeley Academic Guide under "Academic Policies."

Resolving Incomplete Grades

The method of replacement of the I grade by a final grade will be determined by the Dean of the Graduate Division and the Graduate Council. 

Fall 2016 and after:

  1. Complete the course work as agreed upon with your instructor early so it can be posted to your record by the instructor within the deadlines listed below. Since an instructor needs time to receive and grade the work prior to the deadlines below, establish a timeline well in advance with the instructor.
  • Fall term: First day of instruction of following fall term.
  • Spring and summer terms: First day of instruction of following spring term.
  1. Instructors will change grades for Incompletes.

Note: The I grade has no effect on the GPA until it is converted into a letter grade.

*Deadlines and procedures for Incomplete grades in Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF) classes are different from those at UC Berkeley. Please contact your FPF Advisor for more information.

Graduating Seniors: All incompletes required for graduation must be finished by the last day of finals in the term you are graduating.

Summer 2016 and prior: 

  1. Complete the course work as agreed upon with your instructor by the deadline.
    • Fall term: First day of instruction of following fall term.
    • Spring and summer terms: First day of instruction of following spring term.
  2. Complete the Petition to Remove an Incomplete Form
  3. Turn in completed course work and the Petition to your instructor. Do not re-enroll in the course to remove your incomplete.


Understanding Lapse Date - Incomplete Grades

The lapse date in CalCentral is the date by which the Incomplete grade must be replaced in order to avoid "lapsing" to an F or NP. Lapse dates only appear for undergraduates. Incomplete deadlines and procedures are different for students who took Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF) courses. Questions about incompletes in those courses should be directed to FPF advisors.

Students with a pending incomplete must resolve the I grade by the deadlines listed in the “Resolve an Incomplete Grade” section. The I grade will lapse, or convert, to an F grade (or NP if the course was taken for pass/no pass) if the I grade is not replaced on or before the lapse date. The F grade will be part of the term and cumulative GPA calculation. Please note, lapse dates will not appear in CalCentral until approximately 6 weeks after the end of the semester for which it is assigned. I grades will convert to F grades within 4 weeks following the lapse date. 

Students with questions about the lapse date should open a case via Cal Student Central.


Extending Incomplete Grades

If you are unable to finish a course on time, you may request an extension from the Dean of your College or School prior to the completion deadline (see "Resolving an Incomplete Grade" above).

Once an approved extension request is forwarded to the Office of the Registrar from the Dean of your College or School, it will appear in CalCentral within 2 weeks.


Freezing Incomplete Grades

If you are unable to complete your work by the completion deadline, your I (incomplete) grade will be converted (or lapsed) to an F (or NP if the course was taken pass/no pass basis). The F grade will be included in your GPA calculation.

Once an I grade is frozen, a notation indicating “frozen” will appear alongside the I in CalCentral.

Note: Please discuss this option with an adviser. Once the I grade is frozen, you cannot repeat the course, nor may the grade be removed by taking an equivalent course.

Repeating Courses

You may repeat a course only if you received a grade of D+, D, D-, F, or no pass (NP).

If you earned a grade of D+, D, D-, or F, and have taken the course only once:

  • You must take the course for a letter grade.
  • Both grades will show on your transcript, but only your most recent grade will be calculated into your GPA.

Note: If you have repeated more than 12 units of credit, the above does not apply (see below).

If you earned an NP, and have taken the course only once before, you may:

• Repeat the course for either a letter grade, if allowed in the course


• Take the course on a pass/no pass basis

12-Unit Repetition Limit

  • If you repeat courses in which you received a D+, D, D–, or F, the units are counted only once and only the most recently earned grades and grade points are used for the first 12 units repeated.
  • If you repeat more than 12 units, your grade-point average is based on all grades assigned and total units attempted.