Students can update their CalCentral account to provide the following:

  • A lived name (which is a self-chosen personal and/or preferred professional first, middle, and last name used instead of a legal name); 
  • Select which name (lived or legal) they want each of their delegates to see; and 
  • Indicate their gender identity, sexual orientation, and pronouns. 

Our campus directory has also been updated, students now have the option to select how data is displayed in the directory by using a drop-down menu for each field. Options include:

  • Public (everyone can see this field, this is the default setting);
  • Logged in (only those logged in via CalNet can see this field); or
  • Not visible (no one can see this field)

It is important to note that unless there is an identified lived name, the name field will default to the legal name. Once you make these updates in CalCentral, this information will be synced across multiple University systems and you will see this reflected in your directory listing, bCourses, Google Workspace (bConnected, bCal, bMail, bDrive), and more.

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