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Religious Holidays & Religious Creed Policy

Religious Holidays: 2019-2020 Academic Year

Please visit the Berkeley Center for Teaching & Learning to view religious and cultural holidays. The calendar can be used by instructors developing class syllabi and for planning or by supervisors of student employees. Although many of these days are not university holidays, the information can be used by instructors or supervisors at their discretion when responding to student requests for accommodations for religious purposes.

Religious Creed Policy

The Berkeley campus' policy for accommodation of students who miss exams because of their religious commitment is distributed annually at the beginning of each fall semester. The most recent statement is dated August 18, 2010. The policy follows:

Accommodation of Religious Creed
In compliance with Education code, Section 92640(a), it is the official policy of the University of California at Berkeley to permit any student to undergo a test or examination, without penalty, at a time when that activity would not violate the student's religious creed, unless administering the examination at an alternate time would impose an undue hardship which could not reasonably have been avoided. Requests to accommodate a student's religious creed by scheduling tests or examinations at alternative times should be submitted directly to the faculty member responsible for administering the examination.

Reasonable common sense, judgment and the pursuit of mutual goodwill should result in the positive resolution of scheduling conflicts. The regular campus appeals process applies if a mutually satisfactory arrangement cannot be achieved.

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