Due to an expanding student population and a shrinking classroom inventory, classrooms are a scarce institutional resource that must be budgeted carefully. Academic scheduling policies exist to provide equitable allocation of classrooms across campus departments, maximize classroom utilization, facilitate room changes, and balance the many and varied needs of approximately 40,000 students and instructors.

The Office of the Registrar’s policies apply only to general assignment classrooms, not to departmentally-controlled rooms. Classroom policy issues are governed by the Campus Committee on Classroom Policy and Management (CCCPM).

Academic Scheduling Policies

Classroom scheduling occurs in two main phases: Priority Phase and Manual Phase.

  1. Priority Phase: During the Priority Phase, department schedulers enter general assignment classroom requests in Campus Solutions. After the request deadline, the Office of the Registrar temporarily shuts off department schedulers’ update access to the relevant term, reviews requests to enforce compliance with scheduling policies, and runs the algorithm that batch assigns rooms to classes.
  2. Manual Phase: Once the algorithm has been run, department schedulers’ update access to Campus Solutions is reinstated. All subsequent room requests must be submitted individually via a Google form and will be processed manually by Classroom Scheduling staff. Unplaced classes should be resolved before the schedule is published, approximately two weeks before the start of enrollment.

Summer Sessions