In order the meet to University of California residency requirements, you (as a student) and, in some cases, your parents must have the legal ability to establish a permanent domicile in the United States.

As such, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (“green card” holder)


  • Hold a valid, qualifying nonimmigrant visa (or other eligible immigration status such as asylee or refugee status)

If you are in an eligible immigration status for establishing residency for tuition purposes, you must be in that immigration status on a continuous basis for at least 366 days immediately prior to the residence determination date (the first day of instruction) of the term for which a residence classification is sought. You must maintain an eligible immigration status in order to continue paying the in-state tuition.

If you are an undergraduate student under the age of 24 who is not financially independent, you and your parents must be in an eligible immigration status AND meet all other residency requirements in order to be considered a California resident for tuition purposes.

Note: There are exceptions and exemptions for specific instances (for example, AB 540 and T/U visa holders).