Cal-Vet College Fee Waiver

The State of California offers the College Fee Waiver program to spouses and children of deceased or disabled U.S. veterans. Eligibility is determined by your local California County Veterans Services Office. The Fall Program for Freshmen and the UC Extension programs do not qualify for the College Fee Waiver program. 

The college-fee waiver benefit:

  • applies exclusively to fees for academic programs that are subsidized by the State of California
  • applies only to UC-systemwide fees. You are responsible for paying all campus-based fees

How Do I...?

Receive the Fee Waiver Benefit for UC Berkeley

To receive this benefit, you must:

  • Meet UC Berkeley's California residency requirements; and
  • Provide Veterans Benefits a copy of your current Authorization Letter (from your County Veterans Services Office) at the beginning of each academic year.

Cal Vet Fee Waivers are processed after fees are assessed and before the start of each term. If your waiver is not yet reflected on your billing statement, please contact Veterans Benefits for more information. 

Each Authorization Letter is valid for one academic year. You need to renew the benefit annually through your local County Veterans Services Office.

Use This Benefit for Summer Session

If you are a continuing UC Berkeley student, simply enroll in Summer Session classes. Any tuition charges will be waived automatically.

You must pay the Campus Fee as well as applicable miscellaneous fees such as the Document Management Fee, Program Fees, Cancellation Fee, etc.

You must be matriculated and registered at a UC campus during the current academic year or admitted/readmitted for the upcoming academic year. Visiting students from UCs other than Berkeley should contact to ensure that the waiver is applied.

Students visiting from other institutions to attend UC Berkeley Summer Session are not eligible for the Cal Vet fee waiver.

Learn Which Programs Are Not Covered By the Fee Waiver Benefit

The fees for the following programs are not covered by the Cal Vet fee waiver because they are not subsidized by the State of California:

  • Summer Session for visiting students from outside the UC system (see above)
  • University Extension courses, including the Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF); Master of Laws (LL.M.); Summer LL.M.; Executive MBA (EMBA); Evening & Weekend MBA (EWMBA); Master of Financial Engineering (MFE); Online On-Campus MPH (OOMPH); Master of Advanced Study in Integrated Circuits (MASIC); Master of Engineering Part-Time; and Master of Information & Data Science (MIDS)

Use the Fee Waiver Benefit With My VA Benefits

To take maximum advantage of your benefits, please one of our Veterans Benefits staff members to discuss possible strategies.