Checklist for Initiating Benefits at UC Berkeley

To initiate Veterans Affairs Benefits at UC Berkeley,  please provide the following documents to Veterans Benefits. You may submit documentation by emailing or in-person by checking in at the front desk of Sproul Hall during our operating hours. Please redact your Social Security Number on any documents you submit electronically.

All Students
  • Veteran Services Intake Form
  • Certificate of Eligibility (Chapters 30, 33, and 35)
  • VA Form 28-1905 Authorization for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Chapter 31 - VRE)
  • Notice of Basic Eligibility (Chapter 1606 and 1607)
  • DD214 for veterans or Military ID for Active Duty (optional)
Students who Received Benefits at Another Institution 
Graduate Students Only
  • Graduate Veterans Education Plan (This form must be submitted before your second term can be certified and needs to be reviewed and signed by an advisor from your college.)


How Do I...?

Find Out My Benefit Status

UC Berkeley's Veterans Benefits unit does not have access to an individual’s VA benefits status. Contact the VA directly for information regarding:

  • Your eligibility for VA benefits
  • Remaining eligibility time for existing benefits
  • Payment status (housing allowance and educational stipends)

Change My Enrollment Status With VA Benefits

Email if:

  • You plan to enroll in less than the full-time requirement for your school, college, or program.
  • You change your major program, add or drop courses, or need to withdraw from the University.

Get Priority Enrollment

Veterans and active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Coast Guard are eligible for priority enrollment appointments even if they are not using a VA educational benefit. 

To receive a priority enrollment appointment, veterans should provide a copy of their DD214 (active duty U.S. Service members should provide a copy of their valid military ID) to

New students will be able to take advantage of this benefit after their first semester. 

Apply for the Nonresident Fee Waiver

For military-related exemptions to nonresident supplemental tuition, see Exceptions & Exemptions.