Grade Changes and Corrections

Grade Changes and Corrections

The procedure to correct an erroneous grade, as stated by the Academic Senate Regulation 780, is the following:

"All grades except Incomplete are final when filed by an instructor in end-of-semester course reports. However, the correction of a clerical or procedural error may be authorized as the Division directs. No change of grade may be made on the basis of reassessment of the quality of a student's work. No term grade except Incompletes may be revised by re-examination."

Instructors may initiate the correction of a clerical or procedural grade error in CalCentral. Examples of clerical or procedural errors include mistakes in adding scores or transcribing grades. Instructors can correct grades by:

  • Login and authenticate in CalCentral
  • Assign a corrected grade
  • Choose a procedural reason for submitting the grade correction
    • Correct miscalculated grade/scores
    • Recalculate by incorporating student work lost or misplaced by the instructor
    • Correct miscalculated attendance score
    • Resolve incomplete grade
    • Submit grades after missing the deadline to submit grades
    • Remove hold on grade after resolution of student conduct issue
    • Change grade based on medical exception

For more information, please see Instructions for Changing Grades.

Please note: Errors resulting from student negligence or error, such as those arising from the misreading of examination instructions, are not included under routine approval.