How Students Check Their Grades

Students will continue to view their grades in CalCentral, as they have for the past several semesters. At this point there is no automated notification system; if a student wants to know if their grades have been posted, that student needs to look in CalCentral.

Guidelines for Students to Appeal a Grade

There are two valid criteria for changing a grade. The first is to correct a mistake either in the computation or the reporting of a grade. The second is through a formal appeal process.

Clerical or Procedural Error in Reporting a Grade
If a student believes the instructor submitted an incorrect grade because of a clerical (computational, for example) or procedural error, the student should speak directly with the instructor. Faculty members can correct grades directly in CalCentral. Note that all grades except an I or an IP are considered final and can only be changed when there has been a computational or procedural error in the original assignment of a grade. A grade may not be changed as the result of re-evaluation of a student’s work.

Appealing a Grade
If a student believes that the instructor has used non-academic criteria, e.g. race, religion, gender or politics, in assigning a grade, the student can appeal the grade. The student begins the process by speaking with the instructor and/or the student ombudsperson. The next step is to try to resolve the issue by speaking with the department chair. If the student cannot resolve your dispute informally, there is a formal procedure they can follow that is outlined in the UC Berkeley Catalog.

Student Ranking

UC Berkeley does not rank its students.