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Credit Codes On Historic Transcripts Produced Prior to December 31, 2016

There are various credit codes that may appear on your transcript. Please refer to the chart below in order to interpret them.

UC Berkeley Credit Code Definitions

The work of all students on the Berkeley campus is reported in terms of the following grades:

Transcript code Interpretation
Q1 I lapsed to F
Q2 IP grade lapsed to I
RD Original D grade; units attempted, units passed and grade points counted
RF Original F grade; units attempted counted
RR Original NP, I, or NR; no credit calculation
RZ Replacement of original grade; no credit calculation
SF* Graduate grading option Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
SJ I replaced with S or U for a graduate
SU* Graduate courses only offered on Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis
T1;T2;T3 Sequence course in progress
TP Sequence course in progress, Taken P/NP
TS Sequence course in progress, taken SF
TX Sequence course with variable terms, in progress
2T;3T;TT;PT;ST Final term of sequence course with total units and final grade
G+ D+ grade repeated; additional grade points calculated
G– D- grade repeated; additional grade points calculated
G1 D grade repeated; additional grade points calculated
G2 F grade repeated; units passed and grade points calculated
G5 No credit allowed; C- or better grade repeated
GB 2nd repeat of an F without permission; only units passed calculated
GE Units attempted and grade points calculated units passed not calculated
GI I repeated without permission; units attempted, units passed, but no grade points calculated
GO NP grade repeated for a letter grade; units attempted, units passed, grade points calculated; incomplete grade repeated with permission
GP P grade repeated; no credit allowed
GT I (lapsed IP) grade repeated; units attempted, units passed grade points calculated
J1 I replaced with letter grade
J5 I to be retained permanently by an undergraduate
JT I replaced with a grade for final term of sequence course
K1 Credit by examination; see memoranda
N1 Grade corrected by Instructor
PN* Undergraduate grading option Passed/Not Passed
PI I lapsed to NP
PF* Course only offered on Pass/Not Passed basis
PG NP grade repeated; passed/not passed units calculated
PJ I replaced with a P or NP for an undergraduate

* PF, PN, SF, SU courses are included in Credits Completed, which are units toward degree, but not in units ATTM (attempted) or units PSSD (passed). Units ATTM (attempted) are all units taken for a letter grade. Units PSSD (passed) are all units taken for a letter grade and passed, with a grade of D- or above.