Separate reservation requests must be made for dates in Month 1 and for dates in Months 2-4 as two distinct time periods, with no overlapping occurrences between the two. Details can be found in the GA Classroom Reservation Updates.

Reservation Policies and Procedures for Registered Student Organizations

Classroom Reservations at a Glance

    • You must be an active signatory of a Registered Student Organization to reserve general assignment classroom space on campus. If you are an active signatory, you can request access to 25Live to make a reservation. For instructions and tips on how to make a successful request, click here.
    • Classroom space is limited and is made available on a first-come, first-serve basis determined by the date the request for space is made.
    • If your request is denied, you must submit a new request and start over.
    • When using classroom space, you must abide by the Classroom Use Policies or you may be denied from making future reservations.
    • For important dates, scheduling timeline and overview of policies, please review the GA Classroom Reservation Updates.

As enrollment and class sections continue to increase with no new additional classroom spaces, we are facing a severe space shortage for non-academic events for the foreseeable future. Please work with your OASIS advisor to plan carefully and look for alternative options if necessary. Thank you for your continued patience, understanding, and cooperation.

Have Questions?

Fill-out this inquiry form to submit classroom reservation/event questions. If you are having a technical issue with 25Live, refer to the troubleshooting chart.

Please note: The Office of the Registrar is unable to provide or bring in additional furniture and equipment into General Assignment classroom spaces. Please contact Berkeley Audio Visual or Berkeley IT to inquire about renting additional items.

Submitting Requests Through 25Live
25Live Troubleshooting