Tuition, Fees, & Residency

Tuition & Fees

UC Berkeley students pay several types of fees, including a campus fee, registration fees, student services fee and others. All fees are automatically billed to student accounts and will be reflected on students' monthly electronic bills. All fees are subject to change.


As one of the premier universities in the world, Berkeley attracts students from many different states and countries. As part of the University of California system, Berkeley is also a state-supported institution and, therefore, must charge all nonresident students an additional nonresident supplemental tuition fee. 

Residency for purposes of tuition is decided by the campus Residence Deputy — that means the decision is made at a campus-level, by UC Berkeley and not by the University of California. The classifications are based on the Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) and supporting documentation.

Note: Students are responsible for providing clear and convincing evidence that they have satisfied all residency requirements.