Registered Student Organizations

 Classroom Reservations: Due to current conditions, we are temporarily suspending the ability to submit requests via 25Live.

Reservation Policies and Procedures for Registered Student Organizations

Classroom Reservations at a Glance

  • You must be an active signatory of a Registered Student Organization to reserve general assignment classroom space on campus. If you are an active signatory, you can request access to 25Live to make a reservation. For instructions and tips on how to make a successful request, click here.
  • Classroom space is limited and is made available on a first-come, first-serve basis determined by the date the request for space is made.
  • If your request is denied, you must submit a new request and start over.
  • When using classroom space, you must abide by the Classroom Use Policies or you may be denied from making future reservations.
  • For important dates, scheduling timeline and overview of policies, please review the RSO Classroom Reservation Updates one-pager.

As enrollment and class sections continue to increase with no new additional classroom spaces, we are facing a severe space shortage for non-academic events for the foreseeable future. Please work with your LEAD Center advisor to plan carefully and look for alternative options if necessary. Thank you for your continued patience, understanding, and cooperation.

Have Questions?

Fill-out this inquiry form to submit classroom reservation/event questions. If you are having a technical issue with 25Live, refer to the troubleshooting chart

Please note: The Office of the Registrar is unable to provide or bring in additional furniture and equipment into General Assignment classroom spaces. Please contact ASUC Event Services or Educational Technology Services (ETS) to inquire about renting additional items.

RSO Room Reservation Policies

Limit of 20 hours of weekday classroom use per semester:

  • Each RSO is limited to 20 hours of weekday classroom use per semester. There are no exceptions to this rule. Organizations in violation of this policy will have excessive reservation hours cancelled at the discretion of the scheduling office. Please consider alternative spaces, such as the ASUC Student Union, Event Services spaces, and campus libraries.
    • Example: Weekly one-hour meetings for 15 weeks adds up to 15 of your 20 allotted hours
    • Example: A meeting that takes place over one hour in three classrooms is calculated as three hours of your 20 allotted hours

Limit of four hours per weekend day:

  • RSOs may make one four hour request per weekend day with no limitation on hours or days/semester. If more than four hours or one room reservation is needed on a weekend day, or if your event is a large tournament or conference, refer to our Large/Special Weekend Events webpage or start your request here.

Performance spaces:

  • Certain events are classified as a performance request. If a request is determined as this event type, a performance space will be assigned if available. Here is a list of Performance Spaces offered on campus. No further action is necessary.

Outside equipment:

  • Outside equipment (outside of equipment already present in the classroom and personal laptops or computers) is not allowed in classrooms. Only very limited items can be brought into the classrooms at the discretion of the Office of the Registrar, and only as long as those items do not disrupt furniture or technology equipment in the classroom.
  • No additional speakers, microphones, amplification, or sound systems are allowed to prevent disruption to nearby activities

Request deadline:

  • All classroom requests must be made at least three business days before your event. Please view the submission deadlines chart below the calendar.

Three-business-days-out cancellation deadline:

  • Cancellations must be made at least three business days in advance of the reservation (i.e. If you have an 8 p.m. reservation on a Monday, you must cancel that reservation by 7:59 p.m. on the prior Wednesday).
  • ​Timely cancellations allow us to re-assign unused space to other RSOs. Failure to cancel by the 72 business hour deadline will result in the hours counting towards your 20-hour per semester limit.
  • To cancel a reservation, please use this form and include the Reservation Confirmation ID (i.e. 2018-AABBCC) and the subject line “Cancellation Request”.

Submitting Requests Through 25Live

Submitting a Request for a Classroom

  1. Your RSO must be active and you must be an active signatory to reserve General Assignment classrooms. The LEAD Center is responsible for certifying you as a signatory. You may apply to become a signatory and check your status at the CalLink site.
  2. Once you are an active signatory, you must fill out the RSO Request for Access Form to be granted access to 25Live to submit classroom requests.
  3. Please expect a 5 business day turnaround from the date we receive your access form in order for us to provide access for you to submit a request. 
  4. When your access has been granted, you will receive a confirmation email allowing you to use the Event Wizard in 25Live. You will receive an email titled ‘25 LIVE ACCESS: CONFIRMATION’ from.
  5. Read through these 25Live Instructions and Tips and follow the steps listed under “Event Wizard Instructions”. The instructions are detailed and contain screenshots of the event request process.
  6. When submitting a request in 25Live, make sure to read through ALL sidebar information on the right side of the screen. There are important instructions on how to fill out your request properly.
  7. Once you have submitted your event request, the Office of the Registrar’s staff will process the request and either confirm the request and assign a room or deny the request.

Request Processing Notifications

Once your request has been processed, a status update email will be sent to your email address. If you log into 25Live, you will also be able to check whether the Event State of your request has been changed from ‘Tentative’ to either ‘Confirmed’ or ‘Denied’’ on your Dashboard. Please note that you will not be able to view your assigned locations in 25Live. Your assigned locations will only be indicated in the confirmation email.

First-come, First-served Policy

Office of the Registrar staff assigns room on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Event requests are processed in a queue based on the order in which they were submitted. If we cannot find any rooms available for your event’s date and time that match your preferences (e.g. seating capacity, moveable chairs, etc.), we will deny the event.
If your RSO has surpassed the semester 20-hour classroom reservation limit or the 4-hour per day weekend limit, we will not process future requests until your RSO is in accordance with the limit. 

Room Technology

All General Assignment classrooms available for students to request feature:

  • Air Bears Wireless
  • AV-Connection-Auxiliary cable cords
  • AV-Connection-VGA
  • AV-Screen-Manual Projectors
  • Computer Display
  • Ethernet Port - DHCP

Detailed room-by-room equipment summaries can also be found on the ETS classrooms database.

Although all classrooms are ‘ADA-Student accessible,’ some may not be ‘ADA-Instructor accessible’ (e.g., the front of the room is accessible by wheelchair). If you would like to reserve an ADA-Instructor accessible classroom, please list ‘ADA-Instructor accessible’ under the “Preferred room qualities, if any” field in the 25Live Event Wizard.

25Live Troubleshooting

I’m having trouble making a 25Live reservation.

We have an extremely helpful Instructions and Tips document that is being updated regularly. We highly recommend that everyone read this document as you are using 25Live and if you encounter any questions along the way. If the Instructions and Tips document does not touch on your particular issue, then please submit your question using this form.

Can I edit the time, date, or location of my event?

If your event is still “Tentative” and has not yet been confirmed, then yes. Simply submit this form with the event reference ID (2021-AABBCC) and the changes you would like to make.

 If we have already confirmed your event, then you may only cancel future occurrences (more than 72 hours away) or reduce the duration of all occurrences included in your reservation. We cannot reduce the duration of single occurrences or occurrences that have already taken place. To make one of these changes, please submit this form with the event reference ID (2021-AABBCC) and the requested edits.

Additionally, we cannot change the assigned rooms or lengthen the duration for confirmed events. If you would like a different room or increase in reservation duration, we advise you to submit a new event request through 25Live. If you choose to create a new event, we cannot guarantee you a room since we process requests on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. Please let us know through email or in the comments of your new request which old request we may cancel if we are able to fulfill your new request. This allows us to immediately free up space for other student groups.

Why has my event been denied?

Your event may have been denied for one of several reasons:

  • No rooms matching the criteria listed in the event request are available for your specified time(s) and date(s). To avoid your event being denied again in the future, we suggest you avoid holding events on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7 p.m. –9 p.m. (as those times are the most heavily requested), provide as many alternate dates and times as possible, request smaller capacity rooms, or break up a large event into smaller rooms.
    • When submitting an event, we recommend that you be as flexible as possible in your dates, times, and capacity range. There are departments, academic classes, decals, and over 1,000 student groups on campus that all vie for the same classroom space.
  • Your reservation included activities or items that violate General Assignment Classroom Use Policies. Please revise your request to exclude anything that may be in violation with our policies, or contact one of our campus partners listed below for space where your activity may be allowed.
  • Your RSO has surpassed one of the semester long classroom reservations policy limits; such as the 20-hour per semester limit or 4-hour per weekend day limit. To ensure equity and fairness within the community regarding classroom assignment, we will be denying all tentative events for your RSO until your RSO is in accordance with the limit. If you have exceeded the limit but would still like to use classrooms on campus, we advise you look into these venues:
    • ASUC Student Union and Event Services spaces
    • Event Services Alternate Venue list
    • ASUC Student Union common areas or local eateries
    • Library rooms
    • Residence Halls
    • Eshleman Hall
    • Rooms managed by other academic and administrative departments
    • Other Alternative Spaces and Facilities

What do the event states ‘Tentative,’ ‘Confirmed,’ and ‘Denied’ mean?

  • If your event is ‘Tentative,’ we have not yet processed the request and the request is still in the queue.
  • An event status of ‘Confirmed’ means we have processed your request and have assigned a room, which you will be able to view in your confirmation email.
  • An event status of ‘Denied’ means that we were unable to confirm your request for one of the reasons listed above.

What do I do if my classroom is locked?

Call Facilities Services at 510-642-1032 for classroom lockouts. Please have the following information ready: room number and building, the date and time of your reservation, the event name as written on 25Live, and the name of the signatory who made the request on 25Live.

Do I need to complete the RSO Request to Access form each semester to reserve classrooms each term?

No, signatories who have already submitted the RSO Request to Access form and have been verified with the LEAD Center as an active signatory are able to submit a request in 25Live for the remainder of the academic year. After each academic year, active signatories must fill out the RSO Request to Access form if they need to request rooms for the upcoming year.

New and active signatories that have completed  the RSO Request to Access form will be granted 25Live access within 5 business days of submitting the form response. A confirmation email will be sent once your access has been set up.

What is the alternate dates/times section for?

It is best to give the scheduling staff choices when you are creating your room request. ile receiving your request. We always try to assign your first choice space if it’s available. If we see that you have not provided an alternate date/time, we will have no choice but to deny your request if there is nothing available for your first choice. Please take a moment to consider viable alternatives and provide these details in the initial reservation request, in order of your preference priority


Is there a way to view the status of my event?

Event requests have ‘states’ of tentative, confirmed or denied.If you have submitted an event request and have not yet received an email from us confirming or denying your request, then your request is still in the queue and waiting to be processed by staff. We unfortunately cannot tell you where your request is in the queue. If you would like to check the state of your event, you may log in to 25Live and check the event state there.

What if my group needs more weekday reservations than the 20 hour limit?

Unfortunately, due to increasing enrollment and its impact on academic classroom space, there are not enough General Assignment classrooms to meet everyone's needs. One easy suggestion is to consider moving your activities to the weekends, where space and time are less impacted and those reservations do not count against your RSO for the 20 hour weekday limit. We'd also suggest thinking creatively in how your group needs and uses space. Here are some ideas for thinking about alternative venues:

  • ASUC Student Union and Event Services spaces
  • Event Services Alternate Venue list
  • ASUC Student Union common areas or local eateries
  • Library rooms
  • Residence Halls
  • Departmentally managed rooms
  • Campus Event Facilities 

We also have compiled a list of Alternative Spaces and Facilities we hope you may find useful. The list includes information on how to reserve those facilities, deadlines, capacity, and special requirements that need to be fulfilled prior to making an event reservation. We highly encourage you to check back often as this list will be updated continuously.

How do I cancel a reservation? Does my group get its hours back?

To cancel a reservation, please submit this form with the event reference ID (e.g. 2018-AABBCC) and the subject line “Cancellation Request”.

What if my organization is not listed in 25Live?

Submit this form if your organization is not listed in 25Live and is currently active in CalLink through the LEAD Center.